Lesson One. Be - Present Tense

Lesson Two. Be - Present Tense NegativeLesson Two. Be - Present Tense Negative 

Subject + verb

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Write in your notebook. Whenever you see a chart like this,

write it out in your notebook by hand


Subjects: I, you, he, she, it, we, and they.

"You" is singular or plural.

The verb "be" changes with the subject to am, is, or are.

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The verb "be" is the most important verb to learn in English. It's also the most complicated. In the present tense it has three forms: am, is, are. In the past tense, it has two forms: was and were. The verb "be" is also used to make the passive voice.


Ev tapşırığı

She ______ a student

We ______ students

I ______ a worker

Nargiz and Yusif  ______ at school

You ______  a teacher (singular)

You  ______  in the classroom

He  ______ a good worker

My family   ______  in Moscow (family singular)

It  ______  cold outside

They  ______ in the car

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