Lesson Two. Be - Present Tense Negative

Subject + (be) + not








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Bad English, but often used, is ain't


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Part A.

Directions: Make each sentence negative using the word "not." Do not use the contraction.


1. He _____ here today.

2. They _____ ready to leave yet

3. It _____ sunny outside

4. We _____ at work today

5. I _____ on the phone

6. The students _____ in the classroom

7. My friend John _____ in his car

8. You _____t in line

9. These shoes _____ in sale

10. Maria _____ in the kitchen


Part B.

Directions: Complete each sentence using the verb "be" in the negative. Please use a contraction.(ex: Nargiz isn't a student)

1. Sarah _____ a good choice for that job

2. There _____ any students in the classroom

3. You _____ at the party yet

4. He _____ happy with his new computer

5. I_____ hungry today. (can't contract "am" with "not")

6. The employees _____ on break

7. The sun _____ out today

8. There _____ a good movie on TV tonight

9. You and i _____ at work today

10. The dog _____ thirsty

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