Interview with the essay competition winner


Interview with the essay competition winner

We present you a short interview with the winner of the essay  comptetition  Aylin Ismaylova on the topic "The change i want to make".

-Hello, would you please introduce yourself?

-My name is Aylin Ismaylova, I'm 14 years old, born and raised in Baku. Also, a fun fact: I'm a virgo

-How long have you been studying English?

-I've been studying English since i went to school (1st grade), but I never actually took any additional courses until this year

-Why do you like English?

-I feel like English is a really easy way to communicate with people all around the globe because it's an international language. 

-Why would you reccomend A-Level?

-I like the teachers and how welcoming they are, the monthly test thing is a good idea to track the student's progress, the prices are also pretty reasonable.

-What was the inspiration behind your essay and why you think it's important?

-the inspiration behind my essay was "the hate you give", a book by Angie Thomas that I also mention in the essay. I remember reading it in one sitting and when I finished it I was legitimately crying. It really left a big impression on me. I feel like racism is an extremely important and relevant topic right now. Racism is not even about just prejudice anymore. It's rooted deep in history and has a huge cultural and economical effect on our lives. I feel like because there aren't a lot of black people in Azerbaijan, we don't really face these kinds of situations. But in countries like the US, police brutality isn't that uncommon, unfortunately. I just really felt the need to show what lives of black people actually are, and show the truth about the unfair treatment of african-americans by the police. I also would like to add that those who usually commit these crimes don't get the punishment they deserve, which is really shocking and outrageous to me.