Brooke House College Foundation


The Foundation program is an effective and a high-quality program developed by leading educational institutions in the UK to prepare applicants around the world to successfully enter prestigious English-speaking universities (UK, USA, Canada).

Foundation program in A-Level is a guarantee of admission to leading universities. It is important that the basic preparatory course of the UFP is combined with the main program of the last year of secondary school and is integrated into the educational process. At the end of the school day, students attend specialized extracurricular activities as part of the A-Level program.

If a student fulfills all the requirements of the program and at the same time successfully passes the final exams (not less than 51%), the UFP guarantees 100% admission to one of the partner universities. Before leaving, the future student will undergo a special training that will help him adapt to the university.

Contact numbers:

☎ (012) 441 62 51
? (070) 235 91 95
? Sh. Azizbekov st. (near May 28 m/st)