PhD abroad

We’re here to help you find your perfect university in the UK to pursue PhD and
Master’s degrees. We can also help you to get a fully or partially funded PhD and
Master’s research programs. Each university is unique, but we are here to help you
find the one that gives you the best education and aligns with your interests. Pursuing
a PhD at one of the best UK university will open you the doors into an academic world
and a great career. So...Are you ready to realise your dreams without worrying about
your finances? Here's how it works...
Entry Requirements for PhDs:
-A First or Upper Second Class Bachelor's degree (or its international equivalent).
-A relevant master's degree, with Merit and a minimum average grade of 60% in both
the taught course units and your dissertation (or international equivalent of 60%).
-IELTS test minimum scores - 7 overall, 7 writing, 6 other sections (for most
universities), unless you have studied in an English speaking country before.

How PhD application works:
Step 1: You have to choose your PhD, which must be relevant to your Master’s degree
Step 2: Check entry requirement since every university is unique.
Step 3: Choose a research topic: If you apply for PhDs, you need to decide on a
research topic and you will normally be expected to write a research proposal
Step 4: Find a supervisor, at the university you are willing to pursue you PhD degree,
to discuss your research proposal. You can either ask a member of University to be
your supervisor if you think they have the expertise to support you. If you ask to be
supervised by a particular member of faculty, this will be considered but not all such
requests can be accommodated.
Step 5: Once supervisor confirms your research proposal, you can apply for the PhD
Step 6: If you are looking for fully or partially funded PhD program, once you receive
your offer letter, you can then apply for scholarships.
Step 7: Once you get your scholarship, you can apply for visa

The Steps we help you with...
Step 1: Send us your documents (University grades, CV, Cover Letter) so that we can
assess them
Step 2: Once you've submitted your documents, you'll receive a reply from one of our
enrolment services team within 2 working days. If any additional documents are
required, this is when you will be asked to supply them.

Step 3: Once we assess your documents, we will schedule a consultation via video call
with one of our education specialists to discuss your aims and we will advice you the
best possible way you can achieve your goals based on assessment of your documents
and our conversation
Step 4: Once we agree on the program and research proposal for your PhD, we will
search for potential supervisors at different universities for you to contact and discuss
your research proposal.
Step 5: We will proof read your research proposal (We won’t write it for you!)
Step 6: Once we agree on terms and conditions, we will set up an email address for
you, which will be accessible to you as well. From that email address we will apply to
PhD programs on your behalf
Step 7: You’ll receive an offer letter, with information on tuition fees, funding or
Step 8: Once you have paid your fees and met any offer conditions, we'll send you the
documents you need to apply for your visa.
Step 9: Apply for a visa. If you have any questions about your visa, please get in touch
- our support team will be happy to help!


A-Level accompanies and teaches the student at all stages of educational life, from learning languages ​​and the preparatory year, to enrolling in the university and supervising the student of the university.

 We specialize in secondary and higher education abroad and provide professional services for enrollment in schools and universities abroad, including elite educational institutions with a worldwide reputation.  Our specialists themselves are graduates of foreign universities and have tremendous experience in international enrollment.

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