We provide language training for admission in all languages , areas and countries.

 The center's teachers are professionals with extensive experience, trained in the UK and America, and received certifications such as TEFL / TESOL.

 The intensity of the program is selected individually, depending on the dates of admission and the level of the student at the time of the start of classes.

 Also, if the student does not have the required 12th grade, we offer to take the Foundation program certified by Brooke House College, UK.



A-Level accompanies and teaches the student at all stages of educational life, from learning languages ​​and the preparatory year, to enrolling in the university and supervising the student of the university.

 We specialize in secondary and higher education abroad and provide professional services for enrollment in schools and universities abroad, including elite educational institutions with a worldwide reputation.  Our specialists themselves are graduates of foreign universities and have tremendous experience in international enrollment.

To organize your admission, fill out the application, and we will contact you as soon as possible: